DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations

DIS-TRAN Packaged Substations has been an industry leader in the design and supply of high-voltage, open-air substations, and switchyards since 1965. Over a half-century of building meaningful relationships with our customers and vendors boils down to one thing: people. We take pride in our collaborative approach where everything we do is designed to deliver the project the right way, your way. Though we have grown over the years, and now offer new innovations like our Factory-BuiltSubstations, our age-old commitment will never change: to take care of you like family.

  • Packaged Substations
    • We work as extension of your team. With a Packaged Substation from DIS-TRAN, you can complete projects on time and on budget, while reducing the uncertainty and risk associated with managing complex projects.
  • Prefabricated Bus
    • Deliver better substations, faster, by moving skilled labor out of the field and into a safe, clean environment. ┬áDIS-TRAN Pre-Fabricated Bus is a complete electrical conductor assembly, custom-constructed to your specifications. Instantly transform one of the most complex segments of substation construction into an assembly that simply snaps into place. Raise the bar on your next project regardless of the power source, renewable or traditional power generation.
  • Factory Built Substations
    • Improve the way you build a substation so that you can meet increasing demands in less time with the same resources. A Factory-Built Substation allows you to pursue more projects with confidence that you will deliver on time and on budget. Our substations arrive ready to simply bolt into place. You can avoid weather delays, unnecessary field labor, safety risks, and long lead times while focusing your energy on better design and better performance for your customers. By building your substation in our factory, you can shine in the field.
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