We rep G&W Products in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas & Tennessee

Power Grid Automation
Choose from a range of pre-engineered or custom designed automation solutions — from basic automatic transfer schemes to advanced Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR) configurations.
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We have switchgear available with solid dielectric or SF6 insulation for padmount or vault applications. Our safe, reliable solutions range from Submergible to Ring Main, Metal Clad and Low Voltage Motor Control Centers.
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Distribution Reclosers and Overhead Switches
Our single and three phase solid dielectric Viper reclosers are a maintenance-free, automation-ready solution designed to provide overcurrent protection in overhead, substation and padmount applications.
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Current Limiting System Protection
G&W Electric offers a wide range of commutating current limiters that include power transformer protection, system upgrades, reactor bypass, cogeneration and closing bus ties.
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Distribution and Transmission Cable Accessories
G&W Electric provides one of the most complete and reliable lines of cable terminations and cable joints available today.
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High Accuracy Sensors
Our metering-class voltage-sensing solution enables users to collect critical voltage data for optimizing power grid deliverability.
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